5-6 FEBRUARY 2015

4th Conference

IIC is an informal organization of lawyers, syndics, judges, bankers, finance professionals and consultants (more than 5.000 names in the database). All these professionals work in the field of corporate restructuring through insolvency law. The IIC is oriented towards the modern economy and towards the necessities and opportunities of global restructurings. Therefore it’s been developing a transnational knowledge through the three past conventions and its multiple initiatives. This transnational model is based on the Uncitral model, the European Regulation, the international practice from American or Anglo-Saxon law. The IIC therefore brings together different national legal experts around this new knowledge. IIC published articles from European and American legal experts as well as experts from the emerging countries. IIC has a complementary activity to the INSOL activity or other more global organizations.

The 4th convention is held at the time when European Union has adopted the new Regulation on transnational insolvency which replaces Regulation No 1346/2000. This revision may lead to a new era of cooperation and will replace the binary model of universalism as limited by secondary procedures. With the support of various university Professors and other important professionals from the Member States, the first day of the Conference will critically analyze the compromises proposed by one another.

During the second day of the Conference jurists from several countries will analyze how to effectively implement cooperation between courts and insolvency practitioners. IIC will also evaluate Belgian law in relation to foreign practice, especially at the time when European economy is struggling, when investors from emerging countries are buying up many companies with know-how.

Brussels, capital of Europe is hosting the 4th convention: it will provide the opportunity to meet and get to know each other and an occasion to improve our practices in this beautiful and charming city.

We look forward to seeing you there!