5-6 FEBRUARY 2015


Dr. Christof Schiller

Partner Wellensiek Rechtsanwälte

Dr. Christof Schiller, Lawyer – CPA (USA) – CFE(USA) & Tax Consultant, graduated from Heidelberg University in 1992 with a legal degree. He is also qualified as a Tax Consultant under German law (Steuerberater) and as a CPA for the State of Maine, USA and as a Certified Fraud Examiner.
Dr. Schiller worked with Wellensiek during his education and until 2003 with Schultze & Braun, both law-firms are leading insolvency practitioners in Germany. He has been a partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers for three years and returned to Wellensiek in 2004.
Dr. Schiller specializes in insolvency related matters.
He ran a Dornier-Fairchild subsidiary for over a year during its Chapter 11 Proceedings in the US and he was liquidator to two Enron Companies in Germany.
He is also active in advising investors when they want to purchase a business from an insolvency administrator or in other distresses situations.
Other areas of competence include working with financial institutions to improve their collateral portfolios and enforcing the banks position in insolvency.
Another focus is advising foreign investors when subsidiaries go in financial difficulties, especially the asessment of risks involved with insolvency for the parent company and for managing directors.
Wellensiek with over 50 lawyers and over 90 staff members in 9 offices is one of the largest law firms in Germany specializing in insolvency related matters, such as insolvency administration, restructuring law and distresses M&A.

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