5-6 FEBRUARY 2015


David Robine

Professor at the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense

David Robine is a professor at the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense. Within his University as well as in other french Universities, he teaches, among others, insolvency law, securities law and financial law.
David Robine is the author of numerous publications relating to the subjects matters he teaches. He has published or co-published many comments on decisions from the CJUE or French courts concerning Regulation 1346/2000 (see in particular : comment under CJUE 16 janvier 2014 « Schmid » (in association with F. Jault-Seseke), D. 2014, p. 915 ; comment under CJUE, 20 octobre 2011 « Interedil » (in association with F. Jault-Seseke), Rev. crit. DIP 2012, p. 189) as well as articles on such Regulation (see in particular : « L’appréhension de la situation de confusion des patrimoines dans le cadre du règlement n° 1346/2000 du 29 mai 2000 » in Mélanges Patrick Courbe, Dalloz, 2012 ; « L’égalité entre créanciers », in Le droit européen des procédures d’insolvabilité à la croisée des chemins, Montchrestien, 2013) or on the Directives on the reorganization and winding up of credit institutions and insurance undertakings and their implementation into French law.
David Robine has also co-organized and managed the scientific direction of two seminars on international insolvency proceedings whose works were published in 2004 (L’effet international de la faillite : une réalité ?, Dalloz) and 2013 (Le droit européen des procédures d’insolvabilité à la croisée des chemins, Montchrestien).
In additions he’s interested in issues which are at the intersection of the different subject matters he teaches such as between insolvency law and financial law.
His Doctoral thesis which he defended in 2000 at the University of Paris I and which was published by LGDJ thus dealt with the way the financial markets cope with insolvency proceedings (also see : « L’article L. 650-1 du Code de commerce : un Janus à deux visages » In Mélanges Paul Le Cannu, Dalloz – LGDJ –Transactive, 2014) and some of his publications examine more specifically the enforcement of financial collateral under European insolvency proceedings.