5-6 FEBRUARY 2015
Yves Brulard

Yves Brulard

Partner and Founder DBB
+32 2 213 1457
Yves Brulard

Yves created DBB Law in 1982.
Since 1985 Yves has developed the practice of national and international law of insolvency in particular the United States, France, Italy, Switzerland, … in the areas of aviation, industry (chemicals, automotive and textile, … ), new technologies, energy, insurance, banking ….
Belgian lawyer, he is recognized as liquidator by the Court of Brussels, Mons, and Nivelles.
Lawyer at the Paris Bar, he works in French and Belgian law.
He has worked for US Lawfirms for over 20 years.
Yves is a teacher at the university (UCL Mons) in the Master titled the intermediaries of crises addressed on training of judges, lawyers, insolvency practitioners on the issue of the application of Regulation 1346/2000.
Yves has published numerous books and articles about insolvency and many articles refer to him
He has devoted a study of the EU insolvency Regulation in the site “Droit Belge” which was included in a ruling by the Belgian Supreme Court.